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Viva Thumbs v5.0

  • Generate any size thumbnail / Unlimited different size thumbnails per site.

Viva Thumbs can generate thumbnails of any dimension automatically. You set up a settings file in your blog for each thumbnail size your theme requires (takes 15 seconds) and then you just reference that settings file in your theme code where you want that size thumbnail. Once set up your blog runs on auto-pilot. For every post that has an uploaded image you dont ever need to add a custom field.

  • Different homepage thumbnail from image in post

Because Viva Thumbs generates the thumbnail from the first image UPLOADED with a post, not the first image INSERTED into the post body you can set a different image to be used as a post thumb and not have that image appear in the post. Just be sure to always upload the image you want to use as the thumb FIRST when writing/editing your post. You don’t have to insert the upload into the post body.

  • Offers Default Category based images

If Viva Thumbs doesn’t find an image attached to the post it will generate a Category image from files you have placed in your uploads folder. If there is no file matching the category number of the post it will use a default image to ensure that every where a thumbnail is needed in your theme one is displayed.

  • Adds Thumbnail reflection on the fly

In the Viva Thumbs settings files you can create thumbnails that have borders and even reflections automatically. Just set up the settings file to create a ‘reflected’ image and your thumbs can look like they fell straight off the Apple site with geuine web 2.0 reflection, generated on the fly instead of with hours of work in Photoshop.

  • Easy to set up

Upload the plugin, create your settings files by editing the easy to follow template and replace the <img> tags in your theme with the Viva function and you are ready to go. And don’t forget we are there to help you with installation the minute you need it!

  • Comes with full support

Our support forum is manned by highly experienced staff and requests are addressed quickly and fully - that’s part of 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, even if you are a Wordpress novice and a little timid when it comes to making the small edits to your theme code - we can walk you through it.

  • Thumbnails are intelli-cropped to fit

Viva Thumbs is the ONLY auto thumbnailing plugin that intelligently crops your images based on its patented ‘Photographer’s Eye’ algorithm. This means that if you are uploading uncropped images that have been well shot your resulting thumbnails, of any dimension, should be pretty darn good. Feeding pre-cropped images will obtain strange results with Viva¬† - but after all, why have a thumbnailing plugin if you are going to manually crop images first!

  • Thumbs are cached to save resources

Once the image thumbnail has been created it is automatically cached (if this setting is turned on in the settings file) and the next time your theme calls for that thumbnail i t is served from the cache. This massively reduces the load on your server, plus - because every thumb is made to measure images are not being ‘resized’ to fit spots in your theme. Each thumbnail is a perfect size for the location and will always look crystal clear.

  • Individual control over each thumbnail location

You can custom control every thumbnail location in your theme turning fetaures on or off in the settings file to achieve the perfect site layout on auto-pilot. No custom fields required!

  • Works with ANY Worpdress theme

Although developed for the original Revolution themes by Brian Gardner, Viva Thumbs has been deployed on humndreds of different themes and continues to support Revolution Two themes, replacing the need to keep adding thumbnail custom fields to each post and resizing your images to fit.

COMING in Version 6.0

Support for External linked images through a new Remote Image Caching feature - it’s hot!! Watch this space.