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Try It Live!

This is a demo site which allows you to log in and test how easy it is to post articles that AUTO thumbnail on your homepage or sidebar. This is the perfect plugin to use in any theme that calls for custom field linked images such as “Revolution” and “Unstandard

To run Viva through it’s paces click the LOGIN link at the top of the page:

Login with username/password: demo/demo

  • Write a new post
  • Assign a CATEGORY
  • Upload an image¬†using the WP Upload¬†utility. (Best results with an image 640 x 480 or larger)
  • PUBLISH your post and preview the site.

You will see your image displayed as a large thumbnail in the Carousel, a smaller square in the Recent Post section at the foot of the page and as a very small square in the recent posts area once another post is added.

All images are genuine new images, resized, cropped, optimized and cached NOT just resized to fit. This ensures your pages load fast and don’t slow down your visitors.

Viva Thumbs includes an intelli-crop algorithm to help it crop the best logical image area.

For best results do not use an image that is pre-cropped and try to choose images that are well framed.

Intelli-crop logic is built on the “photographer’s eye” model which assumes the key content is loaded in the centre of the frame. It automatically calculates whether the image is portrait, landscape or square and adjusts the crop area accordingly.

Images that are pre-cropped (i.e. already very tall or long and thin), or those that are not well ‘framed’ will not achieve good auto-crop results as a computer cannot ’see’ the image. Therefore, choosing the right images to use with your post is the one responsibility that you are left with - VIVA will do all the work after that!