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Let’s understand the challenges…

Currently, wherever your fancy theme homepage or sidebar needs an image (such as “Revolution Themes” or “Unstandard“) the theme checks the post to see if you have ‘tagged it’ (added a custom field) with a specific name which corresponds to an image location.

If the post is tagged with a meta data field of the correct name it pulls from the associated image location an image of the correct dimensions for display and prints it to the page. (Which means you have to keep resizing and uploading multiple images ro every post!)

If there is no meta tag in the post called “Thumbnail”, (or no valid image at the location referenced in the meta table), an empty image box is displayed with the little red cross. (Which is really annoying!)

After installing Viva Thumbs:

You will not need to add ANY custom field tags to a post.

When a theme requires an image it will first search for the first image that was uploaded with the post. It will then take the referenced image file and resample it on the fly to create the correctly formatted thumbnails for all locations your theme needs a thumbnail.

Additionally, if no image is found – (or there is no “thumbnail” field added to the post to override the uploaded images) - the theme will call (and resample) a default image, based on the post’s category.

In this way you will never see unsightly empty image placeholders on your homepage or sidebar and you only need to upload ONE image on every post.

N.B. Viva does not just resize the original image and display it in place at new dimensions. It resamples the referenced image on the fly – creating a brand new image that is the exact size and shape for any place it has to fit in the theme layout and then saves the new image to a thumbnail cache.

In short:

  • You write a post
  • You upload a file that is any size (recommend at least 640px by 480px) using the WP Upload utility
  • Wherever that post is called within your theme template the correct size thumbnail will display.

Viva Thumbs has been tested up to and including 2.7.1 and all works correctly.