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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Viva Thumbs Plugins:

Why should I purchase a Viva plugin?

Viva plugins are user friendly, time saving tools to enable your next generation blog stay beautiful without you having to spend a lot of extra hours manipulating images. Professional theme customization can cost you a lot of dollars, and more importantly, your time is valuable as is mine. That is why I decided to charge a small download fee for all our plugins. And bear in mind - as a paying customer you can rest assured that you will get the best support if you have trouble installing and activating the tool. For developers, the Multiple-Site Package will save you even more time and money as Viva Tools are sure to keep your clients happy and are all built to be almost efoortless to maintain. This package is designed to make your life easier, so you can meet client deadlines.

Can I hire you to customize or add custom features to the tools?

Absolutely. Since I wrote the code for each plugin, it should be much easier for me to customize them than for you to! This can be done on a quarterly hour basis. Jobs will always be quoted in expected hours. If you are interested in having customizations done, please contact me with the full requirement of what you are looking for..

Do your plugins come with support?

Yes, I love seeing happy users and watching Viva Thumbs and the other tools journey around the world. I will be available via email and webchat and will help you install any of my plugins free of charge*.

Can I use the plugins for work that I do for clients?

Yes you may - I realize that developers are busy, and need ways to turn work over quickly. One of the primary reasons I created these themes was to help my non-tech-savvy clients (including my family) migrate to the new ‘magazine style’ Wiordpress themes with minimal work. Viva Thumbs takes the leg work out of image maintenance and is a perfect tool to give clients who want to self manage their content but get scared by custom fields - image resizing and the like. If you purchase the Multiple-Site Package, you can definitely use each plugin as many times as you want.

Can I resell these plugins in any way?

You may not resell any of our plugins individually or as a pack, in any way, shape or form. The Viva Plugins are designed to be used once for those who purchase the Single-Site License and for use on multiple sites for those who purchase the Multiple-Site License. You may use the plugins in sites that you develop for your clients, but designing a Pro theme for resale that uses the plugins or code from the plugins is prohibited unless you have purchased the Theme Developer’s license.

*Site customization charges may apply where applicable.