Today we updated our Viva Wordpress Carousel Posts and Carousel Gallery Plugins to Version 4.0. The exciting part about this update is that they are now able to be run side by side on the same site allowing you to have a Carousel of images that links to your latest posts on the homepage AND individual Post Page Carousels that scroll all the images uploaded with that post.

This was a request that we were seeing from more and more users and so we are stoked to be able to deliver - again!

Each carousel is controlled by its own unique CSS file so you can style them as you like. You could even have both Carousel Posts and Gallery carousels on your homepage. One scrolling through all your media library images and the other linking to posts.

Just another way to make your wordpress site truly three dimensional and cutting edge. Check out the new Carousel pluings on their demo sites:

If you have an earlier version of the carousel plugins and would like to update please contact us using the contact form quoting your Clickbank Receipt number and/or the email address you used for the purchase.

NB - if you have customised your CSS file and wish to upgrade you will need to apply the edits to the new CSS files in the upgraded plugin as some style names have been changed to allow cross compatability.
3 Responses to “Carousel Plugin Update”
  1. I love the viva-zoom effect and features and also like the concept and appearance of the carousel gallery, but I’d like to know if there’s some way to make the thumbnail images load faster because for some reason they seem to take more time to zoom out that do the static thumbnails used with viva-zoom.

  2. beyondesign says:

    Just curious to know if this works with WPMU or not. If so, I’d appreciate a tutorial. Thanks

  3. Currently the Carousel plugins are not available for WPMU. They will be released next month as WPMU plugins.

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