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Welcome to the Mediatricks Affiliate Center (MAC)

$10 Sign up bonus, 25% commission + Earn per click

We couldn't do it without people like you and that's why here at the MAC we want to help you earn by providing you with all the tools you need to generate sales.

Our affiliate program is set up to not only pay you a generous percentage on each sale but also to help you earn money for all UNIQUE traffic you send to our site. Unique clicks are counted and reported daily to your account - each click earning you $0.01. So, for every 100 visitors you send us you earn an extra dollar on top of any sales commissions generated.

Targeted Traffic is the Key - To date we have an excellent look to book ratio. Almost one in three of our visitors buys a product (or more than one product!) and that is because we have carefully targeted our marketing and product placement focusing on Wordpress users who can see the immediate benefits of the Viva range of plugins.

If you can provide targeted 'blogger' traffic then you stand an excellent chance of earning a good return from the MAC program.

On top of the per click income, 25% of every sale goes straight into your account PLUS an additional 10% of every sale generated by affiliates you introduce to the MAC.

What's more we are giving EVERY new affiliate a $10 starting balance to encourage you to race towards that first payout. (Payouts are made by Paypal as soon as your balance reaches $50.)

If you are ready to earn some money by promoting the Viva Plugins then Sign Up today. You can log in to your account at any time to see your detailed stats including sales, clicks, chargebacks and more.

We are committed to making the MAC a thriving community of EARNERS and 100% understand that we are only as good as YOU. So, thank you in advance! Smile