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Add a Dynamic Google Map to your Blog with Built In Geo Tagging!
Best Selling WordPress Templates 2019

Viva Blogpins is the easiest way to add a dynamic Google Map to your WP blog. Write a post, upload your post image and then click the Geo Tagger. A pop up window quickly identifies your lat/lon co-ordinates and allows you to customize them before literally ?dragging' them into your post as a custom field. IT takes seconds! Create a graphical world or city map of posts that is truly eye-catching and a great addition to any blog.

Viva Blogpins - Single site license - $14.95

Viva Blogpins - Multi Site License - $49.95

Viva Blogpins - Theme Developers License - $149.95


Add some viral marketing power to your site - let your users submit pictures for your homepage carousel direct from your blog.

15 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

The latest variation on the carousel theme allows your readers to submit their pictures LIVE from your homepage. Pictures are queued in your admin section for your approval (or rejection) in a single click. Once approved the submitter is notified by email and the image is automatically added to the homepage carousel, with a truly unique ZOOM OUT feature when clicked. This will get you repeat visitors and viral marketing value guaranteed!

Viva User Pics Carousel - Single site - $19.95

Viva User Pics Carousel - Multi Site - $69.95

Viva User Pics Carousel - Theme Developer - $149.95


Now even better. Cut out the custom fields as Viva does the Image work for you.

Make Your WordPress Theme Look Like a Demo Preview

Add homepage, sidebar and even post page thumbnails on the fly, of any size without a single custom field. It's the heart of all the VIVA products - VIVA freedom cuts out the image work letting you concentrate on writing great content. Perfect for Mimbo, Revolution, Unstandard and any other themes that use custom fields for homepage images - or anyone lookign to expand the possibilities of your wordpress theme design. Write - > Upload - > Publish.

It has to be seen to be believed. Try it live on our demo site. You'll be impressed!

Viva Thumbs Plugin - Single Site License - $14.95

Viva Thumbs Plugin - Multi Site License - $49.95

Viva Thumbs - Theme Developer License - $149.95


The original WP Carousel Plugin displays your last 20 posts on your homepage

Add a scrolling carousel on your homepage made up of the last 20 posts on your site. It certainly commands attention and adds some sparkle to your blog. When an image in the carousel is clicked the visitor is taken directly to that post. Carousels can display horizontally OR vertically (makes a truly unique sidebar) and can be easily customised through the attached CSS file.

Viva Carousel Posts - Single Site License - $14.95

Viva Carousel Posts - Multi Site License - $49.95

Viva Carousel Posts - Theme Developers - $149.95


The luxury carousel that adds both homepage AND post page mini carousels of recent images.

Add a scrolling homepage carousel AND individual post page carousels with images that link to a lightbox style full size pop up. Yes, not only are your last 20 images scrolled on your homepage ? on each Post that has uploaded images a Mini Carousel scrolls the images at the top of the page. Perfect for photographers, real estate web sites, in fact just about anyone who wants to show off multiple images to their readers in a classy, novel and truly effective way. See it! Love it!

Viva Carousel Gallery - Single Site License - $14.95

Viva Carousel Gallery - Multi Site License - $49.95

Viva Carousel Gallery - Theme Developers - $149.95


Add something different to your site - on every page load.

The thumbnailing power of viva with it's enhanced features such as auto reflection (web 2.0 style) on the fly makes Viva Random Image a great way to spice up your site with something ?different' on every page load. Could be used to serve ad banners, photos just about anything that you can fit in a folder! True simplicty - any size, any style random image gneration from a folder of your choice. Use it anywhere!

Viva Random Image - Single Site License - $14.95

Viva Random Image - Multi Site License - $49.95

Viva Random Image - Theme Developers - $149.95


Buy the 4 original VIVA products together and SAVE!

Bundle Includes: Viva Thumbs, Viva Carousel Posts, Viva Carousel Gallery + Viva Random Image

Viva Bundle - Single Site License - $49.95

Viva Budle - Multi Site License - $129.95

Existing Viva Customers can save up to $25 on any purchase before May 22nd 2008.
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